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The KTP Couple | Tip Tuesday | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding is a flurry of excitement (as it should be!), but very little is said about the after part. Planning a wedding isn’t as much planning for one day as it’s planning for a lifetime with your best friend! There is a huge difference in booking weddings and booking the right kind of weddings. This job is so much more than just a job and shooting those weddings that fill up my heart and make my soul feel like it could burst is so much more important than filling up a bunch of dates on my calendar. I’m just lucky I get to do both every year!




This sort of mentality has had me thinking a lot the last year or so about the Kaleigh Turner Photography dream couple. One of my favorite quotes of all time is “I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding day”. How beautiful is that!? I realized that of all of the things the KTP dream couple embodies, this is the number one thing. They want a marriage more beautiful than their wedding day. I also believe that the wedding day and a hope for an amazing future go hand-in-hand, as it’s just the beginning.



They are both so excited about the being engaged part. The KTP dream couple loves authentic photography, and believes timeless is better than trendy any day. They love amazing dinners, their friends and family, laughing, traveling and adventure, champagne toasts, and custom details. They love their own history so much that getting married at an estate or historic venue is on their must-do list, and because they love the outdoors, an outdoor ceremony at that estate is no doubt important. She loves gorgeous florals and greenery, and soft neutral colors. She has a the kindest heart and sweet way of making everyone she meets feel like her best friend, loves good handwritten notes, has a wedding gown that was deemed “the one” as soon as she put it on, and was so excited when she found the perfect pair of Louboutin’s to wear on their big day. He knows how to tie a bow tie, loves a classic tux, knows the difference between bourbon and whiskey (and has a preference), and appreciates a good joke. He loves his friends and is loyal to a fault…he also wears his heart on his sleeve, so those friends knew right away when he’d found the one.




She gets giddy when she says the word “fiancé” (because let’s face it, that’s so, so fun). She gets dreamy-eyed as she talks about her dress and how she can’t wait until her groom sees her in it. He can’t wait to see her in it. He thinks the room lights up every time she walks in. She can describe in detail the day they met, right down to what she was wearing and the butterflies she got when he smiled at her as he asked for her number. He remembers working up the nerve to ask for that number and being enamored by her amazing laugh. Their history is a part of their legacy and it’s all part of the story she tells when people ask how he proposed.



This season of their life is amazing, but it doesn’t hold a candle to how excited they are about the being married part…about the lifetime ahead with their best friend at their side. They talk about buying their first house together, fighting over the tv remote, and picking out a puppy. Those moments that will stand the test of time. There will be new jobs, difficulties, fights, successes, joys, slammed doors, hugs and makeups, road trips, lazy days on the beach, cozy nights in front of fires, sweet, unexpected gifts, and decades of this little thing called life. As they grow old together, they will talk about their wedding day every year on their anniversary. They will pull out their wedding album, flip through the pages, and pause at the moments that pull at their heartstrings. She will describe their first look, as a tear rolls down her cheek, to her granddaughter, who may be preparing for her own wedding day. He’ll share words of wisdom and shake hands with the man who comes and asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Through all of those decades, they wake up every day and choose each other. He’ll remember that classic tux and tying his bow tie as his heart beat in his chest in preparation of seeing her…and the way he felt when he saw her for the first time in her wedding gown. She’ll remember slipping on those Louboutin’s, her momma’s hands buttoning the delicate buttons on the back of her dress, and the look in his eyes when he saw her in it. Those details and those moments were just the beginning.



When I’m shooting a wedding, I’m completely aware, and in awe, that this is a very real love story being written and I’m honored to be there for it. These tidbits are what make up my couples. They are building a legacy, and above all else, they want a marriage even more beautiful than their amazing wedding day.

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