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Cincinnati Wedding Photographers. Kaleigh Turner Photography is a Cincinnati Wedding Photographer with romantic, authentic, and timeless style, serving Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Dayton, & Columbus. Kaleigh Turner Photography is also available for travel nationally and internationally!
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What's in a name? ::: Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

What's in a name? ::: Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

I’ve been sitting here a while contemplating posting anything about this, but I think it’s time.  When I started my business I was in my early twenties and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career life.  Being creative was in my soul…I’ve been an artist since my momma stuck a pencil in my hand and taught me the correct way to draw a face. I lit up like a Christmas tree whenever I got new paint or art supplies. I was working in fashion (which I loved) but something felt off. I wasn’t fulfilled in my professional life like I used to be….something was missing.  When I discovered photography (you all know the story from my “about me” session on my website) it fit. It just felt right. I sat down with my husband, talked about whether or not we could swing it financially, and then I quit my job the next day.  I was excited, scared, nervous, and a whole array of other emotions about what I was about to do.  What if I didn’t succeed? What if I wasn’t any good at it? What if everyone thought I was just another “fauxtographer” trying to make it in a world full of talented artists? What if I didn’t fit in well with the other wedding vendors or other wedding photographers? Essentially, I was a young, twenty-something trying to find my niche in this crazy photography world, and so the name Twenty Something Studios was born.

As I inch closer to turning 30, I feel like I’ve found my place.  I love, love, love what I do. I worked my BUTT OFF to avoid that stereotype of the “fauxtographer”, and although I still get nervous at networking events (do any of these people remember who I am?), I like to think I’ve met some amazing people who I’m lucky enough to call my friends.  Where does that leave me? I’ve grown into someone who has outgrown their own business name.  I’m no longer that twenty-something trying to figure it all out (don’t get me wrong, I’m hanging on to my twenties as long as I can).  When I rebranded last year, I was hoping to get some of that spark back into the name I originally founded, and while it worked for a little while, I knew all along it wasn’t right (my amazing friends Heather, Amanda, and Annie have heard this speech for almost 2 years….thanks for your love girls, I’m taking the leap :).  I don’t think I’ll ever have it all figured out, I’m learning and growing as an artist every year, every month, and every day, but I do know that this company has been molded into something that is 100% me, and the name should reflect that. In the coming weeks and months, Twenty Something Studios will see some big changes, not only when it comes to the name, but a few other surprises as well, and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you SO much to everyone that has supported me under the name Twenty Something Studios over the years….it’s time for a new adventure and a new name! Coming soon!!! XO

(Big shout out and thanks to my friend Amanda at Amanda Donaho Photography for the new photos…XOXO) 









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