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What To Wear To An Engagement Session | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

With the new wedding season ready to sneak up on us before we know it, spring & fall are the two most popular times of the year for couples’ wanting to schedule their engagement sessions! So often I’m asked by my couples what they should wear to their engagement session, and while it may seem a little stressful planning the outfits for the photos that will officially announce your engagement, I promise it’s much easier than you think! To make it a little easier for you though, here are my pro-tips on what to wear to your engagement session from makeup to shoes, and even accessories and props:


1.) Do you!


First and foremost, I know it’s tough, but try not to worry too much about how you look.  That’s where I come in! My job is to pose you in a way that looks natural, all the while chatting with you guys about your plans for the big day, asking questions, trying to make you laugh, and just putting you at ease.  I love when couples can be themselves in front of my camera because this means that your best self will come out and really show off your love for each other.  When you’re comfortable, your joy and genuine happiness shine! This is the time to celebrate your love, as well as get to know your photographer before the wedding day so that we’re old friends when that time does come. What’s this mean for outfit choices? Be yourself! Do you love to rock a red lipstick but you’re afraid it will be too bright for the camera? NO WAY.  You rock that red lipstick! Do you want to wear your brand new Jimmy Choo’s but your afrad they might be “too fancy” for an engagement session? I’ve never said no to Jimmy.





2.)  Dress up


Like I said before, this is a time to celebrate your love! Use this opportunity to get a little fancy and let it shine.  I highly recommend to stay away from jeans and/or t-shirts, and instead opt for skirt & heels/button down & khakis, or dress and suit! Ladies, don’t forget to accessorize (statement necklace, pretty earrings), get your ring cleaned, and a nice neutral manicure will look amazing in photos against that bling.  Guys, a nice pair of shoes goes a long way, so instead of gym shoes, a pair of dress shoes can totally make your outfit (just be sure that your belt and shoes are the same color).  It’s ok to get totally dressed up and wear a suit and long gown, or just a little dressed up in a sweet cocktail dress and khaki’s and a button-down, but you should definitely treat it as the amazingly special occasion that it is!




3.)  Color Coordinate Outfits


I always make jokes that this isn’t a 1985 JCPenny catalog, so you don’t have to wear matching white turtlenecks, but contrasting colors and patterns work well on camera.  Some people have a hard time with visualizing this, so other than the photo examples that I have in this post, I’ve compiled a Pinterest board full of outfit inspiration that I’m constantly adding to when I see outfits that would make fantastic engagement session outfits! You can find it here:  https://www.pinterest.com/kaleighturner1/engagement-session-outfit-inspiration-for-clients/.  Try to stay away from wearing black (my camera can pick up every spec of dust and black shows everything!), and neutrals, pink, white, & blue are my personal favorites to photograph!



4.)  Have your makeup trial done the day of the session


This is a big one! Not only will you look stunning for your engagement session, but what better way to see how your wedding day makeup will look in professional photos than in photos done by your actual photographer!? It’s a no-brainer 😉 The wedding day will be lacking in time for a conversation about makeup, so this is your opportunity to communicate effectively with your MUA about the looks that you love, and they can help you with what will look right for your face so that you love both your engagement and wedding day look!



5.)  Get creative


This is the perfect time to get creative. The accessories you incorporate and the location you choose are just as important as your outfit!  Do you love summer, boating, and all things water? Let’s head down to the boat docks and shoot in the marina.  Do you have a dog that is an important part of your little family? Bring him along! Do you love the woods & hike often? Let’s pack a picnic of macaroons and champagne and head to the woods.  Are you sworn to the concrete jungle & met downtown? Let’s head to the city, grab a taxi for a few photos, and then finish up in an ice cream parlor or the newest coffee shop! Did you just buy your first home together, and you want to capture the start of your love story right in the location where it grows every day? Just give me the address 🙂 Flowers, treats, champagne, and any other little prop you dream of incorporating aren’t just for the wedding day.  Let’s have fun, relax, and really celebrate who you are as a couple.  Choose locations and explore ideas that mean something to you! Just remember, Pinterest is an amazing tool for inspiration, but if you’ve seen something on there a billion times, it’s probably not a good idea to try and replicate it.  We want to show your love, not someone else’s version of it.





This is such an exciting season of your life, so the engagement session should be fun and reflect your love and your life together! XO

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