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Behind the Lens | Liam Turns 1 | Cincinnati Photographer

Our littlest man turned one over the weekend and my momma heart was full of a mixture of love and sadness knowing this is the last first birthday I’ll celebrate with my babies!  I was a little nostalgic over his birth, so browsing through his birth photos was a must (you can see that blog post HERE)!


This wild man has kept us on our toes over the past year and taught us more patience that we knew we had.  It’s been an adventure, to put it nicely, with 12 days in the NICU, still not sleeping through the night, and some other challenges along the way that we didn’t experience with our oldest two, but we’re more than thankful every day for the light he brings to our life.  Happy birthday Liam Wallace! XO


(I can’t handle his cuteness on a daily basis, let alone in this plaid outfit.  His birthday party is going to be lumberjack themed, so you know I had to be thorough 🙂 )













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