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Travel Tuesday | Gatlinburg, Tennessee

I know, I know…we went on this vacation way back in October and I’m just now getting around to blogging it! We try to take the kids to Gatlinburg, Tennessee every couple of years, because it’s so close to home, full of great things for kids to do, and the mountains hold a very special place in my heart.  There is something about the tranquility of the rolling Appalachian hills that feel the same as the tranquility of watching vast ocean waves.  I love both.  It’s definitely on our bucket list to take a trip out west and see the Rockies (I’m looking at you Jackson Hole, Wyoming 🙂 ), but for now, Tennessee is one of our faves. There aren’t a whole lot of photos (apart from us playing mini golf and riding go-karts 🙂 ) from this particular trip, as I was trying to keep the camera put away and enjoy being present with my family, but we did end up driving up into the mountains between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, North Carolina (another favorite place) and stopping for a mini family photo session at the top-most overlook.  You also won’t see the hubs in any of these, because he was behind the camera while I was in front 🙂 Enjoy!







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